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Renters will need at least 45 minutes to check out on the first day of the reservation. This allows time for a full orientation on all aspects of the unit you have selected. Pickup is based on scheduling and availability. Pickup times are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. We cannot guarantee that your preferred time will be available. Earlier pickup times may be accommodated as a courtesy only. All pickups are scheduled and by appointment only. If appointment time is missed, the pickup time can be rescheduled for the next available opening.

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Travel Trailers Available

*4 Day Minimum*

#1 2015 KEYSTONE HIDEOUT 280 LHS (with slide)

Sleeps 8

  • $600.00 plus tax - Fri. to Mon.
  • $745.00 plus tax - Week Rental
  • $200 Deposit

VIN# 4YDT28021F7201331

#2 2015 KEYSTONE HIDEOUT 210 LHS (no slide)

Make sure renter has a vehicle that accommodates towing, as well as electric braking. Sleeps 5

  • $465.00 plus tax - Fri. to Mon.
  • $615.00 plus tax - Week Rental
  • $200 Deposit

VIN# 4YTD21023F7202956


Sleeps 5

  • $465.00 plus tax - Fri. to Mon.
  • $615.00 plus tax - Week Rental
  • $200 Deposit


Sleeps 8 easily
Outdoor Kitchen & Shower, Slide, Bunks, Queen Bed, Couch Sleeper, Dinette Sleeper $200.00 RESERVATION DEPOSIT- mailed back within 72 hours

$620.00 for Fri.-Mon.
$760.00 for week plus tax.

Optional packages:

  1. Kitchen Kit $100.00 - Broom, Can Opener, Knife Block, Cooking Fork & Spoon, Colander, Cutlery Tray & Cutlery, Peeler, Cutting Board, Plates & Bowls, Pitcher, Flashlight, Mixing Bowl, Tumblers, Cookware, Coffee Pot, Coffee Cups & Trashcan.
  2. Personal Convenience Kit $55.00 - 2 Blankets, Sheet & Fitted Sheet, Pillow Case, Pillows, Comforter, 4 Bath Towels, 4 Wash Cloths & 4 Dish Towels.
  3. Soap & Paper Set $25.00 - Bar Soap, Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Some Cleaning Supplies, Disposable Plates & Cups, Cutlery, Paper Towels & Toilet Paper